“And They Shall Fine Him One Hundred Shekels of Silver”

laitman_592_01Torah, Deuteronomy 22:19: And they shall fine him one hundred [shekels of] silver because he defamed a virgin of Israel, and he give it to the girl’s father. And she shall be his wife; he shall not send her away all the days of his life.

A person wants “to marry,” wants to develop his desire, to see its offspring, all kinds of various fulfillments and pleasures. And suddenly he understands that he cannot do anything. He can’t follow this path and overcome this desire. It is not his and it is completely alien to him.

He wants to enjoy life, and this desire calls him to something else, indicates that he must move toward the Creator, renounce his pleasures and plans. He doesn’t want such a desire, such a wife. Yet, he must correct exactly this desire that manifested in him in such an egoistic way. Later he’ll have to return to it and correct it.

However, now he ascends and enters into contact with the next level, although he paid a hundred silver shekels for it, meaning, he received a decent punishment in front of everyone, such as shame, various fears, and hatred.

Thus, he connected to the next higher level, and without this renunciation, he wouldn’t be able to just take his desire and start correcting it. It is the escape from correction that is a necessary condition before he can take care of it and correct it.

There is nowhere to run! Therefore, we see how humanity is slowly being pushed into difficult conditions, and we from our side develop our method more and more, make it closer to humanity, disseminate, and will certainly meet with them somewhere. This is the law of our development.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 10/5/16

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