Spiritual Language Is Eternal

laitman_216_03Question: The Shamati articles were written from a position of bestowal in forms that were appropriate for the generation that was living then. Shouldn’t the articles and books be adapted to the current generation?

Answer: To be honest, I don’t really understand what the difference is. People have not changed since then. If we use examples from those times, they are understandable to modern people today. Concepts like parents, children, food, suffering, and goodness are concepts that are accepted by everyone.

Less than a hundred years have gone by since Shamati was written. For the wisdom of Kabbalah, that is not considered a period of time at all. We use books of Kabbalah that were written 4,000 years ago, and that is astounding!

Imagine that you suddenly met a person living in Europe a thousand years ago. You would not find a common language, common impulses or understanding with him. But if you were to meet a person who was involved with the wisdom of Kabbalah in his time, even 4,000 years ago, you would find a common language and common interests with him.

What could you ask him or learn from him?! After all, before the decline of the generations, people were much closer to spirituality and felt it much more distinctly. Our language would be absolutely identical.

Question: Why have all languages changed and Hebrew has not changed?

Answer: It is because the Hebrew language has an unchanging spiritual root.

Hebrew, as scientists are now proving, is a language that preceded even the Egyptian hieroglyphics. This is essentially the same language that Adam spoke 6,000 years ago. And in general, Hebrew is considered a more ancient language. That is, it is a language that comes from spiritual roots so its writing and pronunciation haven’t changed their form; after all, the spiritual roots are permanent.

Thus, we could speak freely with our spiritual ancestors, understand them, and communicate with them spiritually, and this is what we do. When we ascend the spiritual levels, we actually ascend to them and begin to communicate with them. But it is no longer on a physical level but on the spiritual level, and they are revealed to us as completely precise components of the general soul.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/27/16

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