My Thoughts On Twitter, 4/25/17


Elections everywhere lead to equal results, indicating society has finished developing. Next, we either rise or fall #frenchelection

#Macron will only delay solution to Euro problems–they can only be solved with true unification, i.e. educating all Europeans.#Europe

#ÉlectionFrançaise: Concern like it’s the world’s capital. So will be with EU election until a unified government is born.

By observing the law of “Love thy neighbor,” Jews lead the world to its next degree, or the world rises up against them with a #holocaust.

“He hired Bilam to curse you” [Torah, Ki Tetse, 23:05] – media are screaming about #Trump‘s falling ratings. Just like during the election!

Jews are destined to teach the world to unite above the ego that is man’s nature. And nature is reacting to their disobedience #holocaust

International Day of Youth Solidarity — in the absence of a unified education system, youth doesn’t feel like a special group in the world.

Musicians everywhere are calling on #Radiohead to cancel their tour of #Israel—the cause is contradictory relationships among Jews.

France election: concern like it’s the world’s capital. So will be with EU election until a unified government is born.#France2017

Only by aspiring to observe nature’s law of “Love thy neighbor” do we Jews tell the Creator, #NeverAgain!

#HolocaustRemembranceDay–the Torah warns us of nature’s laws and the consequences of breaking them. We must remember and not repeat!

A science day proposition: Until we correct the ego, let’s leave only the #knowledge that brings clear benefit to humanity!

A falling #Europe will drag down the whole world. Until we realize that the ego is the cause of society’s demise, and Kabbalah is the remedy

#EarthDay — To clean up the planet, we must clean ourselves of the ego. Only then we will stop falling. Ask me how to do that!
From Twitter, 4/25/17

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