Why Don’t Economics And Politics Work Anymore?

laitman_202_0In the News (InoSMI): “Let’s be honest: no one understands what is happening in the global economy. …

“Since there are virtually no longer any applicable macroeconomic tools remaining, it has become commonplace to talk of ‘structural reform.’ But on the question of what this means, too, there is no agreement. Meanwhile, half-witted leaders excite disaffected voters. It seems that the economy has escaped from the hands of those who should manage it, and now politics follows it.”

My Comment: The problem is that experts in economics and politics and their students don’t see the whole picture, which is the general evolution of society and humanity. When the world operated only according to a simple egoistic principle, economists and politicians managed because they generally operated by this principle.

But as soon as society reached a new level of development, which is above egoism, the economics and politics of the past ceased to work. People need to study the wisdom of Kabbalah, which tells us about the transitional process we are in today, in order to understand what is happening in our world.

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