Politics, Economics, And Kabbalah

laitman_265Question from Facebook: You talk a lot about politics and economics, how is this relevant to the study of the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: Kabbalah doesn’t investigate or teach politics or economics. It studies the inner essence of man—his egoism. And all that is derived from it, everything that we do with the help of egoism, that is, our entire world, is its consequence.

Therefore, the wisdom of Kabbalah has something to say about it. It understands the origin of human development in economics, politics, his mutual relationships, in the family, in the nation, in society, and in every situation because they are based on egoism.

If you want to know the truth about economics and politics, study Kabbalah!
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/15/17

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