Doubts On The Spiritual Path

Laitman_001_02Question: Do you have doubts on the way toward spiritual attainment? If so, how do you overcome them?

Answer: I definitely have doubts, especially in connection with the question of the manner in which I must advance toward the next state correctly.

A person is always found on a point that balances underneath him, and he must place himself very precisely in the right direction, meaning that he must choose the property of bestowal. All of his egoistic desires and characteristics help him with this.

If I had a small ego, I probably could not have such serious doubts, psychological searches, alienations, estrangements, sufferings, and disappointments. But if the egoism is great, it arouses very strange anti-spiritual feelings that direct me straight toward the goal. Help of this type is called, Ezer Ke-Negdo (help against him – Genesis 2:18).

So egoism was created to direct us toward the Creator. Without it, it would be impossible to move anywhere! Therefore, among great men, there is great egoism and great doubts about the choice of every step, thanks to which they advance. This is not easy.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/20/16

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