A New Creator Every Day

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If a Kabbalist sees the real, spiritual world, how can he experience any doubts or even mistakes?

Answer: The spiritual world is not inserted into the lifeless scheme that is revealed in a ready form before you. The original spiritual data (Reshimot) manifest within you, and you build your attitude that is full of bestowal to those that surround you: the group and the Creator. The right attitude forms the Upper World within you.

Therefore, we shouldn’t be surprised that a Kabbalist in the spiritual world can experience doubts, theories, and hypotheses, like a scientist in our world. After all, it is precisely due to the unclarities and their elucidation that we develop.

I am always doubtful, and I already know from experience that I understand better today what occurred yesterday when I may have erred. Overall, any degree is attained only from the degree above it because it is born from and controlled by the higher degree. Every day one understands the Creator better, as it is said by one great Kabbalist: “Every day I have a new Creator!”
From the 3rd  part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/4/10, Beit Sha’ar HaKavanot

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