Why Did The Creator Create People?

laitman_243_03Question: Why was it necessary to create this spiritual project, Adam HaRishon (the First Man)? Did the Creator have a desire to create something? Could He not have done this?

Answer: We cannot talk about what was before the beginning of creation or about what will be after its end. We are in a particular stage on the way between the beginning of creation, which began around 14 billion years ago, and its end. What remains for us is to exist here for only a short period to become corrected. We have only 223 years left.


During this period, we must reach the end of correction, and with this everything will end.

We don’t know what happened before the beginning of creation because the concept of time didn’t exist. We also don’t know what will happen after the end of correction because there will be no concept of time. The concept of time exists only in the framework of this world, from start to finish. The end of correction is the end of the correction of the comprehensive egoism.

We don’t know why Adam HaRishon was created. It is said that the reason for the creation of the creature is to give him enjoyment and pleasure. But why does someone have to be created to give him enjoyment and pleasure? Logic dictates that it would be easier not to create; not to create and not to give pleasure. We don’t know the reason. We will find this out when we reach the final state when all our tools of perception will be fully corrected, when from our enormous egoism we fully create a single unified system called Adam. Then from this comprehensive and ideal system, which is fully in the image of the Creator, we will discover how He created everything in the beginning and why He created such an end.

Since 1995, the wisdom of Kabbalah was placed in our hands. So now we can hasten the process by giving our personal effort and we won’t have to wait another 223 years.

If we bring the entire system into balance, resembling and being equivalent to the Creator, everything will be finished. If we don’t invest effort, then we will continue to go in the way of suffering until the end of 6,000 years.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/28/16

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