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Laitman_004Question: Day after day, Israeli society receives new blows that split it more and more. The latest example is the verdict of the military tribunal of the soldier who shot and killed a terrorist.

This blow was so strong that it shook the very foundations of the country of Israel and divided society even further. How do you assess the state of Israeli society after this event?

Answer: I can’t evaluate the actions of the military tribunal, the army, the judges, and the right and the left. I look only at the harm caused to the people of Israel and to Israeli society. Unfortunately, no one else is considering it, and this is a huge problem.

The people of Israel must understand that our mission is to unite. All of our strength is in unity, and all our hope is in the connection with each other. We can’t afford to harm our connection, even if it is a purely physical one.

If there is no spiritual unity, then at least we must take care of the physical framework in which we live together that it does not lead to hatred, division, and alienation in any form. Yet, exactly such a division has occurred now between the media, judges, police, army, people, the right and the left, and between different parties.

This is a huge problem for parents and children. Parents now don’t know what will happen when their children go to the army. It is such a blow to our nation as has never happened before. It hits the heart of the nation: the army that has always been sacred to them. However, today this attitude is changing, especially after such a case.

It is a real pity that the division has reached such proportions. It is all because there is no organization responsible for the unity of the people. And it is only from this main point—the need for the people of Israel to be in unity—that we need to check any decision, to approve it or not.

Everything that leads to separation of the people must be stopped at any cost. It was possible to deal with this matter so that it wouldn’t shock people and divide them into opposing camps. We received a very strong blow. Hopefully, it will help to recognize the evil and understand the lack of unity.

What kind of division do we need to reach in order to finally discover that it is necessary to unite? No one even mentions it; no one cares. Some people hate others, the others hate someone else, and everyone thinks it’s normal. Every day, the hatred is revealed more and more.

The media acts only to increase the hatred. They are called a means of “connection,” but what kind of connection is there? Who and how do they connect? This is a terrible state.

Question: The Internet is full of complaints with expressions of distrust of the basic systems of the state and the legal system. Mothers are refusing to send sons into the army. There is sharp criticism of the media. How can this situation be fixed?

Answer: We are not an ordinary nation, and if it continues this way, the country will simply collapse and cease to exist! The people of Israel are not just ordinary people.

We, so far, were given an opportunity to live in this land, and only due to the upper grace do we still exist here and somehow connect. But if this continues, we soon will not feel any connection with each other. Then, why would the young people go into the army? They wouldn’t feel obligated to anyone in any way.

There will be a complete disregard of the governmental systems; it is already happening today. This will be our end. The situation seems simply terrible, and the problem is that no one is explaining to the people and the government that connection is the foundation of the people of Israel.

This can’t happen with any other nation. Even if there would be a fratricidal war, they would still remain one nation. This isn’t so for the people of Israel. We will just scatter because we are not a nation. There is no biological connection between us, no inner instinctive feeling that we come from the same father and mother.

Abraham gathered the Jews from all of the Babylonians, and we remain this way. There is no instinctive communication between people, and it is natural and correct. There should be a spiritual connection instead. But even this small connection that we have received due to the opportunity to live in the land of Israel as granted from above is breaking as a result of such actions.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/5/17, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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