The Torah Speaks About Everyone

laitman_624_02_0Question: According to what you say, Jews must save the world, Israel are those who yearn for the Creator, God loves Israel, and so forth. With such expressions about the specialness of the Jews, you sow contempt in the nations of the world. Aren’t you afraid that you will be accused of extremism?

Answer: Every page in the Torah says that the Jews are special. The nations of the world, the Christians, and then the Muslims were not given any source by the Creator other than the Torah, so they rewrote it and taking on the “birthright.”

Everyone’s problem—the Jews, the Christians, and the Moslems—is that no one understands exactly what the Torah says. The Torah appeals to all people of the world and calls for the fulfillment of the main law of the Torah, to “Love your neighbor as yourself,” and nothing but that.

The Torah refers to anyone who fulfills this condition of love of others as a “Jew,” “Yehudi,” from the Hebrew word “Yichud,” unity. A person who does not fulfill this condition is referred to as a Goy, which translates to “the people,” and the Jewish nation is also called Goy in the Torah.

The Torah speaks only about the unity of all of the nations as the Prophets said. Foreseeing the compelling future of humanity and that the Jews must show the way to it, is referred to as being “a Light of nations” of the world.

The problem stems from the misinterpretation of the Torah. The Torah speaks about the people of every nation. This is how Abraham turned to all of the people of ancient Babylon and founded his religion on the rule of “Love your neighbor as yourself,” as Baal HaSulam tells us in his article, “The Essence of Religion and Its Purpose.”

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