Marx’s Predictions Come True, Part 8

laitman_547_05The wealthy elite should understand that they are creating a time bomb of at least half of the population, and every day this number grows. The bomb is the unemployed that are becoming desperate.

They aren’t students that go to the streets in the big cities to create an uproar in support of Hillary Clinton. These are serious citizens and heads of families.

The elite, in fact, is sitting on the detonator, because the unemployed have nothing to lose. They are silent to a certain limit, but at some point they will explode. So far everything happened through the Trump and Clinton election race. But tomorrow everything could change; after all, every household keeps two to three guns at home.

A person who has lost all hope for a normal life for himself and his children is very dangerous. Therefore, I advise investing in these people to make them good citizens and to teach them to connect. This will cost much less than suppressing disturbances and restoring order.

We must realize that half the country does not agree to continue in the old way, and it must be appeased somehow. It is possible through integral education for a few billion dollars, which is nothing compared to the costs that would be required in the case of a riot.

Today it is necessary to spend money on police and security agents; none of this will be needed. We will have a good, peaceful, quiet population that doesn’t endanger our future life and allows all to live quietly in our country.

This education will be like a soothing lozenge for them. Otherwise we won’t be able to do anything with them. It is impossible to provide them all with work places. Every day the number of unemployed will increase. And what will the elite do? Today people voted for Trump, but tomorrow they might begin to act more firmly. In fact, the Ku Klux Klan could rise, start making a terrible mess and burning everyone.

Therefore, I offer integral education: a good way that will cost almost nothing. It must become a national program to improve the health of society and its lower and weaker sections. I don’t encourage them to rise for a revolution and to build communism, liquidating the upper class. But it is necessary to calm the unemployed that are out of work because of the technological revolution.

It happens in every country, even in not very developed ones. Today nobody needs a workforce. So what is to be done with the excess labor? These people are a heavy burden and a real threat for the country. They must be maintained at a certain level so that they remain human beings. Otherwise, all of America will be filled with abandoned ghost towns.

Who voted for Trump? Former hard workers, heavy industry workers of the “Rust Belt” of America that are left without jobs. But what can he give them? Nothing, since obviously of all his plans nothing will work out. What factories can he bring back to the US? None! It means that he will create fake workplaces in order to keep people busy; they will produce something and then dispose of it.

Today there already are many companies operating on this principle. Huge warehouses are filled with useless products. Our world has taken on an absolutely marred form. So it will be better to calm people and give them integral education so that they will be satisfied with their lives.
From KabTV’s “A Talk About the Current Situation In The World” 12/2/16

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