Eleven Years After Arosa, Part 3

Laitman_115_06From “The Crisis and Its Solution” (Arosa Forum Report)

How can we prevent the deepening of the crisis?

To overcome further deepening of the crisis it is necessary to:

1. Acknowledge the existence of the crisis.
2. Reveal its causes.
3. Realize the existence of an alternative and the possibility of getting out of the crisis.
4. Create a plan for exiting the crisis.
5. Implement the plan.

In January 2006 when this report was prepared, the crisis had not yet manifested. Therefore, it was only a warning that the world was entering into crisis and advice about how to avoid it in order not to come to the manifestations that we see today eleven years later.

Today, it is impossible to hide the crisis, although some of its manifestations are still hidden from people and part of the crisis is still not apparent at all, but ready in potential. The crisis has spread to industry, trade, financial and political systems, the control structure of the financial elite over the masses, education, and family—in other words, all areas of human society.

It may seem that these are different crises affecting each of its regions and that it is possible to deal with them separately. However, in fact, there is only one crisis in man’s relationship to human society, which should become more and more integrated and interconnected. If we begin to correct this problem, we will correct each individual crisis that is manifesting today.

In essence, this is a crisis of humanity, rather than of any extraneous things. The crisis is rooted in human society living on Earth, or more precisely, in the most developed countries of North America, Europe, and Asia. The reason for the crisis— the relationship of man to society—is because we feel ourselves as individuals, rather than feeling like an integral part of human society.

Throughout the millennia-old history of humanity, it was considered normal for a person to feel special, set apart from others, and not obliged to anyone. On the contrary, he aspired to use others as much as possible and, by this, to advance.

It is exactly this egoistic aspiration that motivates all human achievements, and it was considered a useful quality. Human society has evolved due to the fact that there were people who used it because they were pulling society forward.

All development was due to the use of human egoism. All great discoveries—new continents, energy, electricity, and drugs—happened precisely because the people who discovered them wanted to gain power, money, and knowledge, which are operated by their egoism.

This was greatly encouraged by society because a person who strove to invent, discover, and create something new was helping others and dragging them along after him.

However, today, this engine has stopped working and even has begun to spin in the opposite direction, and we need to realize that.

All the while, until recently, human egoism was a developing element, a positive factor in the development of mankind. But from a certain moment in time—we could say from the middle of the 20th century, or more precisely, from the creation of the Club of Rome in 1968—humanity began to discover that egoistic acts cause harm.

It is like a fruit that ripens and then begins to rot if we continue to use it as we did before.

Today, the world has realized that there is a crisis but doesn’t see any way out of it, and therefore, everyone is trying not to talk about it. After all, politicians, rulers, and scientists don’t want to show their weakness and inability to manage. They want to believe that they can cope with the crisis.

Now, all hope is with the new US President. All of this is necessary to go through to make sure that it doesn’t work for him either. However, in this way, it will be confirmed that this crisis has no solution on the ordinary, human level.

If the cause of the crisis is human egoism, then only the correction of the relationship of the individual to society can bring us out of the crisis and enable the continued existence of humanity. Otherwise, nature will harshly teach us the path of suffering and wars.

This is not a technical crisis caused by a lack of organization of some material systems, but a human one, at the human level. Therefore, to exit from the crisis, we need not establish a system that is of this world; we need to correct man’s attitude toward nature, society, and his entire existence.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/10/17, Lesson on the Topic, “Mismah Arosa,” (Arosa Document)

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