Eleven Years After Arosa, Part 1


Comment: In January 2006, in the report at the international forum in Arosa, you warned about the beginning of the global crisis and advised how to avoid it. Today, eleven years later, we should return to this report and look at it from the position of the current state of the world.

From the paper “Crisis and Its Solution” for the Arosa Forum 2006

Evidence of the Crisis

The general global crisis of humanity is obvious—depression, drugs, the breakdown of the family, terrorism, uncontrollable social systems, the threat of the use of nuclear weapons, ecological catastrophes, and so on. For example, according to the data published by the European Council in the “Gruenbuch” (Green Book), Europeans suffer from serious depression that leads to 58,000 suicides a year, and 30% of all citizens of the EU suffer from a mental disorder.

The imminent threat to the existence of humanity is steadily growing as a result of the use of nuclear weapons. According to leading scientists, humanity does not have that much time to prevent this crisis from developing in an undesirable direction—to thermonuclear world war or global ecological catastrophe.

My Response: Eleven years ago, people didn’t want to admit that the crisis had started and they didn’t believe things were so bad. One of the American scientists I met at that time complained that discussion of the global crisis was banned by the guild of scientists.

Today, it is impossible to impose such a ban because the crisis has become apparent and has affected everyone in some way, every family and every country. The situation in Europe where the Arosa forum was held has changed dramatically. The world has advanced further in the recognition of evil. However, the danger is that humanity still doesn’t know where it is.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/9/17, “Mismah Arisa,” (Arosa Document)

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