Eleven Years After Arosa, Part 2

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The signs of a crisis are evident, but as a rule, due to the seeming impossibility of getting out of it, its existence and aggravation are silenced by governments and non-governmental organizations, scientists, sociologists, and psychologists.

Our desire to develop in the usual way, that is, egoistically advancing civilization, technology, and society, has led us to crisis. We wanted to grow and use all available opportunities. Instead, we came to the conclusion that this entire developmental process is stopping and getting out of control

We came to this crisis in a natural way, from our egoistic desire to succeed. It turns out that the entire problem is in our human nature, and when we are guided by it, we come to a standstill. After all, we are developing because of our egoism.

Egoism is an engine of development that pushes us to victory, profit, success, knowledge, understanding, and discoveries. Everyone, from scientists to criminals, acts only in their self-interest, and thus the world is coming to destruction. It is becoming apparent that the use of human egoism is leading us to a bad life, instead of a good one.

During the eleven years since the Arosa report, the world has advanced quite a bit toward the crisis, and now is at a critical turning point. This is also evident from the election of Donald Trump to the US presidency with his declaration to change course. But let’s see how many of his words, programs, and hopes will really remain.

Today, everyone understands that the world must change, especially in everything that relates to the harmful influence of the media and the spread of drugs that has progressed immensely since 2006.

In addition, the world is beginning to give up on money, seeing that it on its own doesn’t bring happiness, which depends much more on human relationships. It is becoming much more evident that money isn’t happiness.

The Muslim refugees became an added problem during these years, meaning the internal crisis in human society in the confrontation of different religions. Another significant change is the last financial crisis in 2008 that inflicted a heavy blow to the US and European economies, which they haven’t recovered from.

The rampant terrorism and wars between nations are realities today. The European Union that was so filled with so many hopes eleven years ago is beginning to collapse. People no longer trust their governments, and governments are losing their ability to govern.

There is a growing frustration of people with politics, media, democracy, and neoliberalism. It is obvious that humanity underwent a qualitative transformation in its perception and evaluation of reality and its values.
From the 3d part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/9/17, “Mismach Arosa,” (Arosa Document)

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