The Tribe Of Levi

laitman_933Torah, Deuteronomy 10:08-09: At that time, the Lord separated the tribe of Levi to bear the ark of the covenant of the Lord, to stand before the Lord to serve Him, and to bless in His Name, to this day.

Therefore, Levi has no portion or inheritance with his brothers; the Lord is his inheritance, as the Lord, your God spoke to him.

The tribe of Levi are special people who were engaged in education of the people and served in the Temple. They were on the corresponding upper degree of the spiritual level. Cohens, Levites, and Israel were three classes, three spiritual levels that should be clearly delineated.

Question: Is there a chain of records in a person that shows who he is: Cohen, Levite, or Israel?

Answer: Studies of the genetic codes say that there is such a chain. This is especially apparent in the Cohen because during thousands of years they didn’t mix with the other tribes and married only among themselves. It is harder with the Levites.

I don’t think we need this separation today. On the contrary, when mixing reaches its maximum, all the differences disappear and the spiritual separation of people begins, not by their past records, but by their spiritual attainment. As soon as we start to rise, each one will take his level according to his efforts and achievements.

Question: Do you think that the Cohen’s genetic code will stop working?

Answer: I don’t know whether it really exists and to what extent, but today it doesn’t have any power and has nothing to do with spiritual growth and spiritual work.

If we are talking about spiritual growth, it is said in the Torah that the tribe of Levi didn’t have any portion of inheritance, apart from serving the Creator. They fully depended on the people. They had nothing, even for personal needs, as, for example, Chinese doctors who had nothing and went from house to house and received money only from healthy people but not from the sick ones. This is how it should be.

It’s the same here. The Levites had to serve the people and receive only what the public brought them. Naturally, at the level of our world, they were happy to see good prayers, good rain, a good harvest, and everything else, but on the spiritual level everything is much stronger.
From KabTV program “Secrets of the Eternal Book”, 5/16/16

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