New Life 437 – The Ten Days Of Repentance

New Life 437 – The Ten Days Of Repentance
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

What is the meaning of the Ten Days of Repentance? How do they direct us toward our personal and social development and how do connection workshops help us do so according to the wisdom of Kabbalah?

The wiser and more sensitive a person becomes, the more he sees what he has to correct internally. Identifying as many flaws as possible is the first step toward correction. Just like in a medical diagnosis, I examine what is flawed in me with regard to the goal of my development, which is to be as one man in one heart.

When we begin to examine our attitude toward others, we discover a system called Ten Sefirot between us. On Rosh HaShanah I decide to correct it, and during the ten days of repentance I examine exactly what needs to be corrected.

The repentance reveals ten desires in me, which I have to change from for my own sake to the sake of others. This is called performing a Mitzva, a commandment of the general plan of nature, of God. The ten days of repentance symbolize the ten groups of desires that I have to sort out, the ten Sefirot.

The ten days of repentance are establishing a plan for correcting the evil in me. This requires inspiration from above. Such introspection doesn’t require great wisdom or academic knowledge. It is done in a group. While working in a group, sitting in a circle with ten people, we develop the right attitude toward others.

This process of self-correction can be done any day of the year and not only during the ten days of penitence.

During the ten days of repentance we clarify which desires can be used for the sake of others and which cannot. It is a closed system. Everything a person takes for himself beyond what he actually needs is at the expense of others. At the end of the ten days of repentance, a person discovers that all his actions are only for his own sake and begins the corrections.
From KabTV’s “New Life 437 – The Ten Days Of Repentance,” 9/28/14

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