From The Pure Heart

laitman_527_02Torah, Deuteronomy 10:17: For the Lord, your God, is God of gods and the Lord of the lords, the great mighty and awesome God, Who will show no favor, nor will He take a bribe.

The Creator doesn’t take a bribe, unlike kings, leaders, and officials who can be bought.

You can deal with the Creator only from a pure heart, without any relation to yourself, when you can say that you definitely don’t offer any bribes and completely exclude yourself and everything that can be related to you from any consequences.

Then, you have no incentive to give or offer anything to anyone. You have absolutely pure desires and thoughts. This is when you can engage in the Torah, in other words, the real correction.

However, our world is built on a complete deception of ourselves and others, and therefore we don’t feel any spiritual phenomena in it. Everything is constantly bought, and we can’t act in any other way. If we could act directly and honestly at least in something, we immediately would find ourselves in the upper world.
From KabTV program “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/1/16

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