Answers To Your Questions, Part 145

laitman_959Question: If the wisdom of Kabbalah is an exact science, what does it say about planet Earth? Is it actually a planet? Six months ago, I came across a theory that the Earth is flat. At first it seemed like total nonsense, but then I somehow began to understand its essence and wanted to know what the wisdom of Kabbalah says about it.

Answer: Kabbalah explains things scientifically and always has believed, just like today’s modern science, even in ancient times, as it says in The Book of Zohar, the Earth is round.

Question: May I ask why I understand a lot, but cannot remember? No matter how hard I try, I do not succeed. It is as if someone erases my memory.

Answer: This is wonderful because we don’t need to know; we need to discover a new attribute inside us in which we will begin to feel the upper world in the same way we feel our world.

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