There Are No Repetitions In The Torah

laitman_527_04When we are reading the Torah we must not forget that there are no repetitions in it. What seems to us as an address to the past is always just a direction to a new action on a new level.

However, since we have 125 degrees of ascent and on each of them we need to correct all 613 desires (248 desires of the upper part of a soul and 365 desires of the lower part of a soul), on each degree they are repeated in increasing egoism. And we correct them to bestowal and love in stronger connection between them, and therefore it seems that they leave their imprint.

In fact, every time this is a completely new understanding of the world, it’s a deeper and more interconnected arrangement that reveals vast new niches, meaning spiritual spaces! After all, egoism, while becoming bigger, is attracted to the global connection that is revealed to us. And the main pleasure, the filling of the person’s soul with perfection and harmony, comes exactly from getting the general picture of interconnection.

Comment: When I was studying at school and then in university, it seemed to me that teachers constantly repeat the same thing. It is interesting that in Kabbalah allegedly the same laws are perceived differently every time. It seems that everything is already painted and written in the book and suddenly one line makes everything different.

Answer: Yes, it is incredible! And in material nature on all its levels are the same laws. Only what isn’t yet revealed on the still level, begins to unfold a little on the vegetative level, and more so on the animal level, and even more so on the human level. But we see in front of us completely different opportunities and different ways of life.

This indicates a depth of connection between the positive and negative particles inside of atoms—electrons, neutrons, and positrons. The only thing that occurs is the increasing revelation of their connection program, combinations, and mutual dependence, and on Earth appears a developed life. And it is the same in the spiritual world.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/6/16

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