Refugees And The European Union

laitman_272In the News (Foundation Strategic Structure): “Something here does not add up. The European leaders are not children, not understanding that the angry rush flooding from the Middle East to Europe cannot be stopped.

As the first steamers unloaded refugees in Murmansk, the passengers immediately headed to the Norwegian border. Fortunately close. And there will be many surprises like this at the EU’s borders. …

“In addition, a long-standing applicant for EU membership, Turkey is playing a game not European. She has refused to close its border with Syria … .

“In July 1938 a conference was convened in Evian, France, dedicated to the salvation of the Jews from the Nazi regime.The conference considered options for their removal from the Third Reich. As a result, representatives of the 32 member countries declared that they could not accept the refugees. And the United States would not accept them … . America did not find room for the mass migration of Jews because of the ‘anti-Semitism of the population.’ And what is most interesting: the Dominican Republic and Madagascar, opened its doors to refugees … and objections to this were made by representatives of the World Zionist Organization. The Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann explained the reason for the opposition: If the Evian Conference was successful (in helping Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany to emigrate to other countries), it would have caused irreparable damage to the cause of Zionism – the gathering of the Jews, in Palestine, the land of the future ‘Greater Israel.’ Yitzhak Gruenbaum spoke of the ‘terrible danger of Evian’ and David Ben-Gurion called on the world to disrupt the Evian conference that they should make the world accept the idea of a Jewish return to Palestine, only to Palestine. And if not, then they would burn with a blue flame. And they burned …

“Here and there in the summer of 2015 came the unexplained exodus of refugees, which will now settle in huge camps-traps, with no prospect of finding a place in Europe, with no prospect of returning home.

“What will become such camps – on the eve of a new Holocaust? In any case it will be a cauldron explosion threatens Europe of all its established order.

“It looks like someone who is closely watching the boiling cauldron did not intend to diminish the fire. ..

“Recall, in 1938, the Americans did not want the Jews to settle in Colorado and Nebraska, and the British – let them in Palestine. We prepared a taste for the Europeans.

“Those who today murmur of ‘impenetrable borders,’ the European Union must be entertained as this new dish is prepared. No, they are still like children, these Europeans! They can not understand that in order to reduce the boiler temperature they need not only destroy the notorious ‘Islamic State,’ but also put an end to the practice of the territorial redistribution of the Middle East”

My Comment: It is doubtful that their willingness would help in this matter since the whole thing is being conducted according to a US plan that is creating chaos in various parts of the world. Therefore, until the US itself, begins to feel the chaos it is creating in its own home, then all the world will decide, before or after a world war, that the only success is in general unity.

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