Man And Woman — A Magnet Between Them, Part 3

Laitman_701Question: Can a person be cleansed from the accepted standards and fashions that conform everyone to one size in order to hear his inner voice and understand what kind of a partner he needs?

Answer: I hope that today we will conduct an audit of everything we did during the last 100 years and will decide to ignore all the representations imposed by society in order to try and discern our natural internal aspirations and find a really suitable partner with whom we will unite for life.

A woman can be fat, short, and ugly, but she suits me according to my internal requirements. Perhaps we will even conduct this type of survey for men and women in order to understand what suits a person. And then our society will promote the development of true and natural couples.

This is a very important question, perhaps the most important of all because dissatisfaction with family life is reflected totally on everything: on the life of the country, economy, industry, security in each country and throughout the world. Family is a foundation of our lives.

If a person is comfortable in his family, he is calm and he can develop connections. Family is the foundation of society, and if we build this foundation correctly, we will build a world.

Today, the family is collapsing, but it will return due to a lack of choice; however, it will be on another level in the corrected form. As always, we destroy something until we come around, grab our heads, and decide to return to the old form, but in a new form.

Question: Nowadays, a person’s happiness is not evaluated by a happy family and relationships with loved ones but by one’s wealth, position, and power. Is this what a person needs?

Answer: Society is built so that it pushes a person to the various artificial values. But in reality, a person is interested in completely different things: not a profession and money, but a harmonious happy family, and a warm atmosphere at home next to his wife and children.

Of course a man can’t be limited only to the house and needs some more development, but only as a supplement. Because peace in the family will provide him with the right foundation, with which he will relate accordingly to his entire life.

He would want to build a society in such a form that it will suit his family and will support it. Thus the entire society will be focused on the family, not on conquering other countries and on insane enrichment. Building a correct family is the basis of the entire humanity.

Question: Is it true that for each person there is a partner that ideally suits him?

Answer: Certainly. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah we all came from one person who consisted of male and female parts, Adam and Eve. And when they shattered in the fall of the Tree of Knowledge, fragments were formed, which when combined fit together perfectly. Every Adam has his Eve that completes him entirely.

All the cycles we undergo throughout history are in order to finally find this half that is exactly opposite to me and suits me perfectly.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/5/16

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