Levels Of Studying Kabbalah

laitman_219_01Question: What is the difference between the way you teach the wisdom of Kabbalah and all the other ways of studying this wisdom?

Answer: The difference is the purpose for which a person studies the wisdom of Kabbalah. In our organization, we study the wisdom of Kabbalah in order to unite and in order to bring the Creator contentment by the unity between us, to delight Him. This is an altruistic yearning.

There are those who study the wisdom of Kabbalah not in order to delight the Creator, but in order to reveal Him. This is the intermediate phase in our development between the egoistic intention and the altruistic intention.

Much of the study of the wisdom of Kabbalah is as a method of uniting in order to live a better life, to escape from sufferings, or to gain life after death, etc. These are purely egoistic intentions, but it is commendable because it is directed at demanding from the Creator.

Any other aspirations below that have nothing to do at all with the Creator.

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