Don’t Steal Others’ Happiness

laitman_570Question: Can the upper forces affect others through one person?

Answer: The upper force always affect us through other people. It is quite rare when it happens directly and only when a person summons them unto himself because he already has his own communication channel with them.

If a person summons the influence of the upper forces unto himself it operates on him directly, and if it doesn’t, it operates through the still, vegetative, or animate levels of nature.

Question: How does the Light that a person draws while studying the wisdom of Kabbalah affect other people?

Answer: The Light affects everyone in a positive manner because we are forcibly connected to each other in one system called Adam (Man). Therefore, if I draw the Light, I become a source of Light on that level and it spreads through me to others. The only problem is how to draw more Light.

The Jews have the method, and if they drew the right Light, everyone would treat them better. But since they don’t draw the Light and don’t spread it around them, people feel that they “steal” their happiness and are the source of all the troubles in the world.

Thus we can understand to what degree each of us can be a source of Light for others.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/20/16

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