Don’t Believe What You See

Laitman_910In the News (Psychologies): “Each of us at least once had a sudden epiphany: all the known facts, like puzzle pieces, add up to one big picture, we did not notice before. The world is not so, as we thought. A person close – impostor. Why we do not notice the obvious facts and believe only to what we want to believe?

“Insights associated with unpleasant discoveries: betrayal by a loved one, betrayal by a friend, a loved one cheating. We repeatedly scroll pictures from the past and wonder – all the facts were before our eyes, why didn’t we noticed anything? We accuse ourselves of naivete and lack of attention, but they are not to blame. The cause is the mechanisms of our mind and psyche.

“The reason lies in the blindness of information on the neurobiological level. The brain is faced with a huge amount of sensory information that needs to be processed efficiently. To optimize the process, one constantly designs models of the world on the basis of previous experience. Thus, the limited resources of the brain concentrate on processing new information that does not fit into his model. …

“We ‘remember’ what is beneficial for us to remember at the moment, and just as easy to ‘forget’ the wrong information. …

“Professor of Psychology at Harvard University, Daniel Gilbert (Daniel Gilbert) warned – people tend to manipulate the facts in order to maintain the desired picture of the world. This is how the defense mechanism of our psyche works. Faced with conflicting information, we unconsciously give preference to the facts that fit our picture of the world, and reject data that contradict it. …

“Our eyes only notice in the literal sense what it wants to find the brain.

My Comment: These facts are not new and have even been studied extensively, but the problem remains. Because our whole nature is a desire to receive and to enjoy—there is nothing more to us—everything is aimed only at our filling ourselves, despite the research results, we will still serve our desire blindly.

Only the wisdom of Kabbalah allows us to ascend above our nature, and then we will not see the distorted picture that our egoistic brain depicts for us, but the true picture of the world. It is upper world, the world above our narrow self-interest.

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