The Brain Processes Words Like Pictures

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from MedDaily):” A recent new study that found the brain processes words like pictures. It doesn’t see letters and doesn’t add up sounds, but instead perceives each word as a picture. The neurons distinguish whole words and not their parts nor letters.

“The brain remembers what each word looks like and then uses a special, illustrated dictionary. We identify the faces of people we know in the same manner. But the identification of faces is related to the right hemisphere of the brain, while the identification of words is related to the left hemisphere.”

My Comment: According the wisdom of Kabbalah, only  clear attainment of increasingly newer depths of the world by our internal sight will allow a person to attain all of creation, which is the Creator. The attainment is divided into two parts: creating an internal tool of attainment, the Light of Hassadim, the attribute of Bina, which in our world is called hearing, and self-attainment, the Light of Hochma, the Light of attainment, that in our world is called sight.

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