“Your Springs Shall Spread Outwards”

laitman_214Question: I want to ask you a question that has probably been asked many times, when will the Messiah come?

Answer: From a letter of Baal Shem Tov, “Keter Shem Tov”: “When I ascended there it is impossible to tell and to speak even face to face, until I entered the hall of the Messiah where the Messiah studies with all the Tanaim and the righteous and also with seven shepherds. And I asked the Messiah’s mouth, when are you coming?

“And he answered, you shall know when your study becomes famous and revealed throughout the world and your springs shall spread outwards; everything that I have taught you and that you have attained. And they will also be able to perform uniqueness and ascents like you and all the Klipot, shells (the ego) will be annihilated and it will be time of Heavenly mercy and redemption.”

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