A Slave Cannot Understand Someone Who Is Free

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is Passover, the exodus from Egyptian slavery, reminiscent of being born anew? The story starts with the tale of Moses’ birth and ends with the plagues of Egypt, which are similar to contractions during birth. After this, they cross the Final Sea, as if being born into a new world.
Answer: New life is conceived and cooked inside of the giant pot called Egypt. It becomes formed out of our discernments and attempts to understand how to cope with our egoistic nature.
Eventually, we realize that we are incapable of resisting our egoism and have no choice but to run away from it, that is, to rise above it. This requires qualitative changes: replacing all of our habits, forms of relationships, and the previous upbringing, which we received in Babylon.
When we start to unite using Abraham’s method, we acquire new habits, a new attitude to each other, and a new outlook on life, perceiving everything through glasses of unity.
This signifies a new birth because I turn into a new person, one who has learned to look at himself, his family, his nation, the world, and all of life only through our unity.
If I then meet my previous self, the way I was before I went through upbringing according to Abraham’s method and united with others, then it would be two different people who don’t understand each other. One of them is a slave and the other is a free man, independent of his egoistic nature. That’s because he has acquired a new nature—the nature of love instead of the nature of hate.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 3/22/15

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