Carry The Good For The People

Laitman_931-01The Zohar, “Sulam Commentary,” Chapter “BaHar”: “Live in the country…” “Live in the country” refers to the highest country, Malchut, for there is no man in the world who can live in Malchut until the good awakes in it, Yesod of Zeir Anpin, since Malchut without Yesod is full of harsh courts.

When a man awoke him with his good deeds, it seemed that he had “created it” on his own. Then, they say, “live in the country,” live within it, that is in Malchut, and eat its fruits and be happy with it.

Malchut of Atzilut is this common, single, and only soul. If, by rushing for the goodness and love, and wishing them to all the rest, I can connect myself with all the creatures (inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human nature) into a single entity, then I will be included in Malchut.

It is entirely possible that, at first, I could join it with some of my egoism, perhaps with its tenth part. This means that it is how much I will be able to connect to Malchut, causing it to move toward the next level, Zeir Anpin, where there is the highest Light. Zeir Anpin will fulfill the part that I have made in Malchut by its good intention.

The purpose of our correction is a one hundred percent arrival into the whole soul, into Malchut. Therefore, if I awake the common desire in the soul for goodness and love, then I take my own little place in it, my point. Then, my motivation rises above and manifests the higher Light upon this point, the Light that accumulates inside Malchut.

That is, we rise up to it from below, and the Upper Light descends into it from above, and then it is filled with our good wishes and the Upper Light. This ends our earthly existence, and we become inhabitants of the world of Infinity.

The goal of each and every one of us is to correct ourselves up to this state and rise to the world of Infinity. We are on the way to the goal, connecting to Malchut with all of the feelings, thoughts, desires, and gradually going through the 125 spiritual degrees because there are 125 egoistic thresholds within us.

Question: In order to rise up, we need to manifest a state of love and kindness. How does this relate to the unity between us?

Answer: Only a unity with all of the others and striving to connect to the world, to carry the good for the people through myself, will I get the opportunity to enter Malchut. Only in this way will I be able to contact my soul. Otherwise, I do not have a soul. Otherwise, I am just an egoist, an animal.

Through the love of my neighbor I move toward the love for the Creator, and, in the desire to carry the good for others, I rush to receive the higher Light in order to pass it through me onto them. Only in this case do I conquer a part of my soul.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/18/14

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