The Essential Secret Of The Jews, Part 41

From the book: The Essential Secret of the Jews, M. Brushtein

Why Four?

It is very likely that unification is not just an action but something more.

To illustrate this, let’s consider a concept such as “states of aggregation.” Something that is just next to us! One and the same substance may vary in appearance beyond recognition. Behind the formula H2O there may be hidden ordinary water, a piece of ice, clouds, and even flames.

The aggregate state of matter is the state of the same substance in different ranges of temperatures and pressures. Traditionally, the aggregate states are considered gaseous, liquid and solid.

“As temperature increases, gas becomes ionized – turns into plasma, which is sometimes called the fourth aggregate state.” (Academic Dictionary)

This suggests an interesting conclusion. Things that are absolutely different in appearance may ultimately turn out to be the same thing. This topic is very promising, and we may return to it. And now let’s talk about a strange coincidence.

The fact is that the four aggregate states quantitatively match the other four, the four levels of nature: still, vegetative, animate and human.

Why do we pay attention to this similarity? Why did you decide to compare these four and not others? Because both of these groups are actually classified on the scale of the universe and this is serious.

There is a clear similarity between the fours.

Every single element in them appears in a strict sequence, one after another. For example, when steam is cooled, it turns into water first, then into ice. This order does not change.

In the second group, the principle of sequence appears in the following way.

The still nature appeared first, then the vegetative, and only after that, the animate, followed by the human.

In addition to similarities, there is a fundamental difference between the fours. In the first four, the processes of transition are reversible. For example, water may become ice, and ice can turn into water again.

In the second one (at least in its “live” part), this is not observed. A rabbit cannot turn into a cabbage, and a human being cannot become a rabbit, though a rabbit appeared after the cabbage, and a human being after the rabbit.

By the way, this process is called evolution.

“Evolution is an irreversible and to some extent, directed historical development of living nature that is accompanied by changes in the genetic structure of populations, and the formation of adaptations, the formations and extinction of species, transformation of ecosystems, major ecosystems and the biosphere as a whole.” (Academic Dictionary)

Plenty of questions arise with respect to evolution. For example, if it continues, then is it not over? If it is not over, do we expect something new? Maybe the four levels of nature: still, vegetative, animate and human, in the long run will become as one, what academician Vladimir Vernadsky called the noosphere?

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