The Breakthrough Of The Americans

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In Sochi we attained such a connection and unification that you are calling all the participants in the activity the “Sochi Group.” Is it possible in the upcoming Saint Petersburg congress that all will become one homogeneous group of Saint Petersburg?

Answer: Even without Sochi, what I have seen throughout this month in South and North America amazes me: The friends have made a breakthrough and moved ahead. I have never participated in such unique conventions as in Mexico and New York.

Suddenly I saw people who could tear themselves away from their daily lives, their families, and the external world and break through together into a common denominator. Moreover, this was in America, a nation where people are afraid to get close to each other and they protect themselves with fierce dedication. Then suddenly, something like this was revealed.

There were more than a hundred students there from the Education Center that until the convention had not participated in anything. They sat hugging each other, sang in a bar in the evening until two in the morning. People suddenly “disconnected” from their American mentality.

And with the full enthusiasm of the participants, the convention began with an ascent, and also ended with this enthusiasm. Never before had the Americans experienced this. They always traveled home quietly a few hours before the end of the convention, but there was never something like that there!

When I was leaving, everyone stood, cried, and watched the convention end. For America this was something indescribable. I am very familiar with this continent. Moreover, these were not Russians and not Jews, but really Americans! So we have a starting point for truly making our united Kli.

After what we have done in Russia, if we make the same breakthrough as the Americans, then there is simply an infinite state ahead for us.
From the Convention In Sochi 8/25/14, lesson 3

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