See How Good Our Pharaoh Is!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: They spoke about altruism on the news and about social organizations that organize mutual help among people: exchanging things that people don’t need, holiday apartments, etc. Are they already implementing what we speak about?

Answer: That is too bad because Pharaoh is playing with them saying: “I have everything that you need! Why should you escape from me to the desert? Worship the Lord here in Egypt!”

We shouldn’t incorporate into such societies, but rather follow our own way. Surely nothing good will ever come of this. We can make our lives a bit more comfortable this way and paint them in brighter colors, but this isn’t the goal of our world. Therefore, such initiatives will not last long, but will collapse like all the other nice ideas humanity has tried to implement.

Why do organizations like Greenpeace fail? Because it is impossible to correct the ego this way. A person doesn’t change, but only does everything from the perspective of his ego. Even worse, it is like Bina that enters Malchut, the seven years of satiety, when they want to enjoy all the attributes of bestowal, Bina.

These are the children of Israel who enter Egypt and bring about its development, guard it, and make sure that all its granaries are full. All this is thanks to the attribute of Bina, which means Israel enters the shattered attribute of Malchut, Egypt.

First it brings the seven years of satiety, when we give. I give to you and you give to me and life is beautiful and good! Then this euphoria ends with a terrible blow, the seven years of want. These are not the years that lead to the exodus from Egypt, but the years that lead to the real shattering.

Question: But when we go out to the public, we offer them the same thing.

Answer: But we are the ones who offer that, by serving as a mediator between the Light that Reforms and the people. We bring them the remedy; we bring them the tubing  through which the intravenous fluid will flow and heal them.

We are not the actual intravenous fluid, but the tubing delivering this remedy. The altruistic organizations that you hear about on the news simply operate within the boundaries of this world, “Let’s behave nicely! See how much our Pharaoh enjoys! How good he is for your ego and my ego!” This doesn’t go along with the goal of creation, and so there is no way it can be fulfilled or carried out.
From the  1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/27/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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