Science Of Humanity

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Efim Reytblat, engineer, founder of the science of gominisologii): “How could it happen that so far there is no science of humanity? There are a few sciences of the human (anatomy, biology, physiology, psychology, anthropology, gerontology); there is a science of society (sociology), and there is no science of humanity! There is a science of animals, and there is no science of humanity! How do humanity and man affect each other mutually?

“The world order (humanity) should be aligned with the Laws of Nature.

“The human system is characterized by the process of self-organization, vertical and horizontal connections. In case of unsatisfactory vertical ties, the control of the system of an individual is broken. In case of unsatisfactory horizontal connections, conflicts between societies arise.

“The system of humanity is an open system. The basic principle of an open system is observed – a constant intensive exchange with the environment – with the system of society and the system of the future reality.”

My Comment: Humanity cannot understand itself. We can understand only what is below us. In order to jump on a table, it is necessary to jump above the table.

Therefore, the science of animals exists and there is the science of our animal body. But there cannot be a science about people, their communities, and even more so about humanity as a unified system of communities. We cannot have such a science and such precise knowledge before we rise to the level above our present state and from there, from above, begin to study ourselves.

These are the possibilities and scope of the science of Kabbalah. Only through its methods is it possible to rise above our current level and reveal the true system of connection of humanity, its path and its goal.

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