Receiving Everything He Wants To Give

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I have to ask for equivalence of form with the Creator, but how can I imagine this?

Answer: Equivalence of form means equal. This means that internally you are totally different from someone else, but to a third party it seems that you behave in exactly the same manner; there is equivalence of form in the relationship between you according to someone on the outside.

This is only in form. You have different desires, different thoughts; everything is different, but you stabilize yourselves in an equivalent form.

If I just resemble someone, it isn’t considered being equivalent to him. If I am exactly like him, then we cannot communicate with one another: We both like meat and hate fish, so there is nothing we can give one another.

I have to give him what I have and he has to give me what he has. There has to be some correspondence here, like between a male and a female who are included in each other. Then there is compatibility according to the one who bestows and the one who receives.

I reach equivalence of form with the Creator by wanting to receive whatever He wants to give me. Since I bestow unto Him, we both bestow unto one another, but I am in contact with Him by receiving from Him. I am like a female with regard to Him and He is Zeir Anpin.

If my receiving is only for Him, it is like bestowal. As it says, if the bride gives a present to the groom, it’s important, it is as if she receives from him.

It turns out that equivalence of form is a very complicated concept. I have to want to receive from the Creator everything that He wants to give me in my desire, and He wants to give me the world of Infinity, the Infinite Light. But according to my intention, it should be the opposite, I have to want to give just as much as He does.

Our actions are different: I receive and He gives, but according to our intention, it is the opposite, I am actually the one who gives and He enjoys. Thus I save the situation since otherwise I cannot delight Him. There is no chance of delighting Him, only this way.

Only under the condition that I accept all that He has, like a cow bursting with milk wanting to please Him, can He enjoy.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/13/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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  1. Is it all right to ask: is the Creator God, a Person ? calling Him the Creator very often in Kabalah sounds quite mechanical

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