I Give By Receiving Everything

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If I am the desire to enjoy and remain it forever, how can I give?

Answer: I give by receiving everything from the Master! By doing so, I bring Him contentment. In order to bring Him endless pleasure, the same as He gives me, I cannot remain a petty, egoistic receiver; I need to receive “for the sake of bestowal.”

The desire to receive is limited as it is impossible to receive more than this corporeal world. Even now, we are in the world of Infinity, surrounded by the Creator’s love. However, we are only able to feel it to the smallest degree in which we sense this world; it’s the maximum that is possible.

If all the generations of humanity throughout time were given all the pleasures of this world, it would be called a “thin candle” (Ner Dakik), a tiny spark of Light. More Light cannot be revealed inside the receiving desires. All the remaining Light can only be revealed in the desires to bestow.

Why is there such a strict condition? The fact is that the spark is the only thing that stands opposite to the desire to enjoy created by this spark. This world is a manifestation of the spark that created the desire to enjoy.

The subsequent development of the desire occurs thanks to its sensing the Giver. That is, everything beyond our world, all the infinite, big, spiritual Light which we later feel becomes revealed by virtue of feeling the Giver.

But I cannot feel the Giver if I do not have the same quality: bestowal. It turns out that I must acquire altruistic desires, and to the extent of my bestowal, I will feel the bestowal of the Creator. And this will be called the upper Light.

The Creator’s bestowal, His love for me, I can only feel to the degree of how much I give Him—if our desires are similar. Otherwise, I will not be able to feel it. The Creator is revealed to me fully even now, but can I feel it? No, I can’t. I lack the tools, the desires.

To the extent that I develop my desires, I will feel Him. This will be my Light NRNHY, the revelation of the Creator’s attitude towards me, His love. Bestowal is revealed first and then love.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/6/2011, Shamati #38

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