There Is Work For Everyone!

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (The International Labour Organization (ILO), a specialized agency of the United Nations that deals with labor issues): The International Labour Organization is concerned that despite the recovery from the economic crisis and the improving situation in global financial markets, unemployment continues to rise.

“ILO statistics paint a grim picture of the current global employment situation with 210 million people out of work–the highest number in history; and over half of the global workforce in vulnerable employment. According to the ILO, in the next 10 years, more than 440 million new jobs will be needed to absorb new entrants into the labor force, and still more to reverse the unemployment caused by the recent crisis. While the world is seeing significant levels of economic growth in some countries, unemployment, particularly for young people, remains at record levels in many countries, posing enormous long term social and economic challenges including threats to social cohesion.”

“The lack of decent work exposes young people to high levels of economic uncertainty. … A generation without hope for decent employment can be a problem for families, the economy and society at large. The inability to find stable employment creates a sense of frustration and idleness among young people.”

My comment: There is no way to employ everybody in the world. New technologies are changing the nature of work: Many professions disappear, and there is no need for laborers and clerks in the information age. It is easier and cheaper to keep a person unemployed than to invent an occupation for him. However, the problem with occupying people emerges; idle time leads to degradation, emptiness, and tension in society.

Kabbalah explains that our development happens according to the general internal plan of nature: We have reached a new threshold in our technological and social development. Therefore, Kabbalah suggests that we should learn how to live in the new, integral, common world which must uncover a new stage in its existence: the spiritual one.

This state can be achieved only by mass education, training and teaching the new laws of the surrounding nature and social and personal behavior. Only in this way will we rise to the level where we begin to control nature, and a sensation of comfort will replace a sensation of crisis.

Full employment in our time is possible only in spiritual work, learning it and carrying it out within oneself and with others. Thus, we build a new society where everyone has work!

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  1. Even when I am working on things, I try to think about Kabbalah and the method and focus on my intentions I have an analyzing them. There is time. We live in a society that is rush rush rush, and we are constantly running around trying to do things and don’t really stop to think of why we are doing things. I have noticed, especially recently, that working on changing myself with each intention, even if others do not change their own intentions, changes my reality in a good way.

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