A Solution To The Middle East Conflict

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Asaf Golan): “Careful analysis of the negotiation process leads to the conclusion that the Palestinians are not willing to end the conflict with Israel because it would force the Palestinian leadership to take responsibility for the Arab citizens, instead of inciting against the ‘Zionist entity.’

“No representative of the Palestinian administration would ever take such responsibility. All the Palestinian officials used the peace process solely to increase their bank accounts.

“The fact is that the population, which is called ‘Palestinians’ is an array of various urban clans which have nothing in common with each other, who even refuse to enter into kinship: Hebron residents do not marry with those who live in the vicinity, residents of East Jerusalem do not marry those who live in Nablus. So do the other Palestinian clans.

“In the case of signing a treaty with Israel, all these decorations, called the ‘Palestinian people,’ will be dismantled. The residents of the autonomy will enter into internecine conflicts. This is what the leaders of the autonomy are afraid of.

“In addition, an agreement with the Jewish state in the Land of Israel would be a de facto recognition that the Palestinian narrative is artificial, and its sole purpose is a war of Arab countries with the Jews under the banner of the struggle against the Zionist colonial grip.

“This is the reason that the Palestinians in a completely infantile way deny any sign of authentic Jewish history in the Land of Israel, for example, the Jerusalem Temple or the kingdom of Israel. In their view, any archaeological find discovered in Israel is part of the Palestinian heritage and the Palestinians allegedly are descendants of the ancient Canaanites and Philistines who lived on this land.

“Israel must investigate the origin of the Arab population in terms of its Jewish roots. After all, according to studies, 60-70% of the Arab population have Jewish roots. A dialogue with these groups should be established for the purpose of their conversion into Judaism. By the way, the representatives of the Hasmonean dynasty acted in this way in relation to the Edomites , and there are no obstacles to such practices today with respect to all the Palestinians who are true descendants of the Jews.”

My Comment: What will help is only the people performing their mission, their purpose, which is to show the nations of the world the ascent to the next degree of human development  through similarity to the Creator in the property of “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” We need to focus all our energy and attention precisely on this.

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