From One Moment To The Next

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe highest level a person attains is called Moses, and only from this level does a person begin to understand how to connect all the desires inside him in order to work for love of and bestowal to others, and through that, the Creator. This means that only the level of Moses can attain this state of the soul when it is clear how it should be stabilized, connected, and collected.

Collecting all the parts of the soul requires a special penetration into the senses, into the attributes of the egoistic material that leads to the understanding of how it can be presented and connected so that it will work like the altruistic attribute of the Light. This is the work of Bezalel.

Moses is the attainment of the Creator, while Bezalel is the realization of the form and the image of the Creator inside the egoistic desire. Bezalel is in practice, but in practice with a wise heart. There is the wisdom of the mind, attainment, which is Moses and there is the wisdom and the work of the heart which is Bezalel  (which means in the Creator’s shadow in Hebrew).

Moses creates a shadow of the Creator and Bezalel attains this shadow and sculpts the ego from it, and from the ego, the resemblance to the Creator. This is like projecting a picture on a wall and then drawing it. But all the work is done inside a person.

At the same time we don’t create anything new, but simply take our ego and sculpt it into different forms like clay by putting the focus on the importance of certain forms instead of others. If in the past I used myself for my self-benefit, if I abused or stole, now I do the opposite, I use myself for your sake.

There is a change of variables by which everything changes from for my own sake to your sake. Who is ahead, who is more important, determines the whole difference between the worlds.

Question: If I hold on to Moses inside me, will I never leave it?

Answer: This cannot be because the desires and the attributes in you change. This means that you have to hold on to Moses every second. Every moment is different from the next in that the desires change and each time you have to hold on to him again.

The same thing happens in our world, but we simply don’t pay attention to it. In spirituality all the work is done from one moment to the next, from ascent to descent.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 11/13/13

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