Unrestrained Growth Of The Ego

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is it possible to arrive at a collective decision so that our ego will not grow and go out of bounds?

Answer: It’s impossible to stop the growth of the ego. In any case it will grow and be discovered more and more. If you don’t correct it, then it will be revealed incorrectly, and if you correct it, it will be revealed correctly, meaning as its opposite, with the characteristic of bestowal.

This is our entire evolution: From above the Light operates all the time, and from below the Reshimot are revealed more and more. And so every year, every day, every minute, we experience more and more powerful new desires and thoughts, greater and greater possibilities; only we don’t feel it.

Therefore the ego will grow constantly. We only need to equip ourselves with tools for its correction.
From a lesson in Russian, 2/2/2014

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