Revealing The Light Of Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanAs a result of the shattering of the vessels we understand that we have to return to the state that preceded the shattering. By raising MAN from the shattered state, we exert ourselves and expand our vessels 620 times. Then we reach the corrected state equipped with such intensity, as a result of our exertion, that we can reveal the Light in all its NRNHY, which is the goal of creation.

The Creator wants us to reveal His attribute of love and bestowal, and not just that we will taste only a drop of His filling. It’s like a baby who receives 100 grams of porridge from his mother and at the same time actually also receives all the love and care his mother feels for him.

Since we were created with a desire to receive, we cannot taste anything more than a tiny spark, “a thin candle,” of all the Light. This is actually enough in order to be in contact and somehow connected to the Creator. But all the rest is the Light of love, the Light of bestowal, our attitude towards one another. According to the law of equivalence of form, we have to reach the same attitude towards the Creator in order to reveal His attitude towards us.

For this reason we were given the shattering of the vessels so that we will discover and reveal this shattered state and from it discover the corrected state. Then we will be able to understand the Creator’s attitude towards us. So all our work is focused on the connection between us, and so that, above the shattering, we will discover the right relations of love and bestowal instead of separation and hate.

The Creator is the attribute of love and bestowal that is revealed inside the vessel, in the desire. This attribute is revealed between us because love cannot exist in one person but has to be directed to someone. We engage in the revelation of this attribute and have to establish the same relations between us.

At first we don’t feel anything between us, neither good relations nor bad ones, but we begin to work on them by evoking one another. We understand that a person will never awaken to love, bestowal, and connection by himself. He has to be awakened; shown an example; envy , lust, and honor must be kindled; he must openly respect those who relate well to the friends and show their love, giving and concern for all.

We should really envy those who behave that way in the group, should want to be like them, and should respect this behavior. It turns out that a person begins to awaken, and from Lo Lishma (not for His sake) and different actions with the right intention, he should simply learn from others and reach Lishma (for His sake). Despite the hardening of the heart, he should always be above any disagreements, different problems, and conflicts between the friends by showing everyone how strongly he yearns for love and connection. All we attain by the Light that Reforms are the levels of connections, states that existed before the shattering.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/13/14

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