“We Already Grow Enough Food For 10 Billion People – And Still Can’t End Hunger”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Huffington Post): “Hunger is caused by poverty and inequality, not scarcity. For the past two decades, the rate of global food production has increased faster than the rate of global population growth. The world already produces more than 1 ½ times enough food to feed everyone on the planet. That’s enough to feed 10 billion people, the population peak we expect by 2050. But the people making less than $2 a day – most of whom are resource-poor farmers cultivating unviably small plots of land – can’t afford to buy this food.

“In reality, the bulk of industrially-produced grain crops goes to biofuels and confined animal feedlots rather than food for the 1 billion hungry.”

My Comment: This situation will not change until humanity realizes that it itself has to correct inequality created by our egoistic nature, and that only by reaching equality, first among ourselves and then with the Creator, can we achieve prosperity for everyone.

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  1. Rav, this post really speaks to my heart. I am trying to get involved with a community group addressing this situation. One of the mottos, if you will, is that poverty isn’t simply a lack of food, but it’s a lack of opportunity.

    Indeed, if we look around in our western world, we will see many people overfed, but undernourished and under extreme stress and a kind of fear envelopes them.

    I appreciate this post very much and will try and share my knowledge of simple food/simple food preparation with others. Also, I believe that much more can be achieved in this regard when we work together even in small pockets– that too can make a substantial difference.

    Great Thanks, Todah Rabah!


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