States That Lead To The Temple

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does it mean that the Masach (screen) broke? How can that be?

Answer: All states refer only to a person. Reality exists only with regard to the person who apprehend it.

Suppose that I were in a state of holiness now, in the intention of “in order to bestow,” and that I have arranged all my intentions, desires, and everything that is revealed in me according to the restriction, Masach, and the Returning Light. Suddenly, I have new, thicker desires, which are greater and stronger, so the old state seems to be destroyed and the new, greater desires dominate me, and I feel that I am in a ruined world.

This is another question: Is it destroyed? Because the moment it actually undergoes a change, I don’t think that it is destroyed. I think that I follow the Klipa (shell) and that I will enjoy it, and that I must incorporate in the shell, to feel it, to be in contact with it, and to be connected to it.

It says that the contact with the Klipa should only be momentary. This depends on my preparation, but I must feel it. So, the moment I feel that my life is good and that the desire to receive delights me and that everything is fine, it is because I actually am being thrown into the depths of the Klipa, and, what is more, I don’t even realize that it is a Klipa. I discern that it is something good.

Then, if I continue, if I have mutual guarantee, the forces of the group operate on me and I come out of the domination of the Klipa. If I don’t, I cannot come out.

This means that, every time a new desire appears, the old state is destroyed.

Thus, I ascend the levels, and in every state I attain a state of holiness and build the temple out of my vessel. Then, it is destroyed, and I begin to build another temple, and then another and another. We go through such states, and eventually, we attain what is called the Temple of Holiness and, in contrast to it, the shattering and the destruction that we go through in the process of preparation. It is impossible to reveal the Creator, wholeness, and to attain the thought of creation without going through these states.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/20/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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