Level Of Maturity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: On the way to the convention, how do we keep from losing the approach and the guidance that we received while preparing for it?

Answer: I don’t think that a person loses his concentration when he is on the way. He yearns to be here, to be together with everyone. People are sending me emails or SMS that they are on the way and will arrive soon from all kinds of places. Their hearts are already here with us.

I am very happy that this time we are arranging a convention of true connection. We have reached such a state of ripening where it is possible to talk about love that has been built over hatred, about connection over distance. This indicates our ripening, our first level of maturity.

It is impossible to advance without being stabilized, without balancing the two forces within a person: the positive and the negative. The realization of the first spiritual level is to stabilize these two forces opposite each other and to be aware that this is precisely the way that we advance.
From the Talk at a meal 1/26/14

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