My Donkey And Me

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is it possible to hold onto the balance between the inner concentration and communication within the convention?

Answer: This is a perpetual problem that must be solved regardless of what you are doing. Very heavy or light moments can come, different pleasant or unpleasant feelings, but the person must always be composed of two parts. In one part he feels his beastly body, what is happening to it.  And in the second part, he is like a person riding on his donkey (Hamor), on the egoistic substance (Homer).

Such a split feeling must be with us everywhere, in completely different moments in life; it should be with me when I am alone, with friends, with my family, with my wife and children, or when I am just walking down the street. I must divide myself into two parts: the donkey and me sitting on it.
From the Talk at a meal 1/26/14

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