According To The Creator’s Instructions

Dr. Michael LaitmanIntegral Education Convention, Workshop 1: We must not forget that every second each of us will experience exits from the state of unity and will return to it again.

It is actually thanks to such exits and returns that each of us and all of us together will gradually begin to feel our common space, until it becomes permanent, until we dwell in it permanently. We have to do this as quickly as possible.

We have to attain a new state in our group in the connection between us by rising above our ego, by connecting in mutual guarantee, and as if sacrificing ourselves for it. But in fact, it isn’t self-sacrifice at all.

It simply turns out that I prefer the desires and the goal of the group over my personal ones, although we understand that there is nothing personal here. It is all the advice and the instructions of the Creator to each of us: He gives us different hardenings of the heart, obstacles, problems, etc., so that we will be able to ascend above them.

Everyone has his own problems and everyone experiences them in his own way, but we have to collect them all, reject them, and ascend to the level of mutual guarantee.

There we connect and attain the connection correctly. We begin to feel the need to ascend to a higher level, to the Creator. Our next level is the Creator.

Thus we need to advance. When someone falls, we have to respond immediately and to pick him up. We have to constantly keep everyone floating with their heads above the water, until we become like a float, and thus constantly ascend, ascend, ascend. This refers to both women and men, to everyone personally. In this state we actually complete the whole work.

There are three parts in the spiritual Partzuf: HBD, HGT, and NHY. So on the lower levels they are fulfilled in greater details, but there is nothing new, only increasingly greater revelations of the same principles.
From the World Zohar Week “Integral Education Convention” Day One 2/02/14, Workshop #1

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