Velocity And Acceleration

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is velocity and acceleration in spirituality and how can we use this?

Answer: The idea is that nature pushes us towards development through suffering, that is, through a feeling of lack of fulfillment in the present state and the possibility of fulfillment in the next state. And these are the forces of evolution: the negative force from behind and the positive force from the front.

The more that we advance, more negative forces are gathered from behind and fewer positive forces attract us from the front. We see that since we advance according to our egoistic nature, very little is illuminated for us up front. Therefore the world is in a state of apathy and depression.

And here we are reaching a condition where we must explain to people that all the negative forces are not driving us so that we would flee from them, rather so that we can understand the new way of our development, meaning, to change the intention, the relationship to the other, to the world, and in this way, to the Creator.

The main thing is the intention. The desires are determined and arise and are realized only to the degree that it is possible to do them with the right intention.

In our world, the velocity of advancement is determined for us from behind, in that it moves and pushes us forward through negative influence and we move forward at a constant speed.

Studying Kabbalah makes it possible for us to carry out a hastening or contraction of time, which is the same thing, with the help of three components: the group, the study, and dissemination.

Speed is that parameter that doesn’t depend on us; nature moves us towards the goal. And on the other hand, acceleration depends on us.

Velocity is not a contraction of time. It is known that the way of correction takes 6000 years, from the first correction that was made by Adam 5780 years ago to the last correction that we will reach in another 220 years, whether we want this or not. This is called the path of velocity.

But at the same time, there exists the possibility of acceleration. To the degree that we accelerate our way, we change it qualitatively because we want this ourselves.

For example, there is a difference between a small child who is required to learn and is constantly under pressure, and a child who is interested in everything himself and successfully studies. He can quickly finish the lessons at school and feels that he is in this process himself as if he were in an easy and good game. And that is how it is with us, too.

If we choose a group and within it like in a small world, in a small society, we create all of those conditions that will advance us forward, then we will reach the goal much more rapidly than under the steamroller and pressure of nature.
From the Moscow Virtual Convention “Unity Without Boundaries” Day Two 12/14/13, Lesson 2

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