To Whom Do We Turn?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can you possible to explain to someone that our lack of balance with nature can affect the biosphere, for example?

Answer: All of the universe is one system! The world is global; all the systems are interconnected in it. When you ask how each one of us influences the natural environment or causes a tsunami through his negative thoughts, you are going to the level of the person who says: “Explain to me why there was an earthquake in the ocean, why did a wave come and cover everyone?” Certainly we cannot show this to him.

How can we approach people to show them everything? I am in a quandary myself. Therefore it is better to approach them from another side.

When we look at society, we see how it’s beginning to suffer, how the former middle class is gradually disappearing by descending to the lower class, and the lower class is already below the poverty line. It’s to these people that we turn.

They are not interested in high matters even though they may be educated people; rather, it’s a normal, quiet, and calm existence that interests them. Life has beaten them so much that the ego has narrowed their field of vision to a minimal state: “Give us….” We have internalized such admiration and respect for America, while there are 43 million Americans who are waiting for only one thing: to eat a free bowl of warm soup and get a place to sleep in a hostel. 43 million! In his small circle, the person needs everything to be okay: to eat, to sleep, to close his eyes and not see anything. People who are close to this situation are more sensitive and easily absorb the integral method that we bring to them.

Question: But are we bringing them a formula that is already too simplistic?

Answer: Why? They are normal people who themselves understand and already feel where humanity is going. And today there are many people like this! These are not people who were born in the colonies (of former prisoners) somewhere, that came out of caves, or down from the mountains; these are normal, educated people.
From Kab TV’s “An Integral World” 10/26/13

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