The Spiritual Ascent From An Unchanging Reality

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere is only one force that draws me to the reality together with all the people and this world. I need to reach the state in which I will see, in reality, the only one force that operates it. Although this world will remain in my perception, I will, nevertheless, see only one force that clothes in it and operates it.

So, why do so many people, animals, and this huge universe surround me? Why does the world divide into such a tremendous amount of pieces, instead of being one material, one desire? But, it is specifically there where the uniqueness of this world lies, that is, that it appears to us to be separate from the spiritual world. This picture, specifically because it is imaginary and doesn’t exist in connection with the Creator, can be seen in us even when we reach Gmar Tikkun (end of correction). This is a very special form of reality.

Thus, we ascend the spiritual ladder and see how the Creator is clothed in the entire world, which is on the same level that we are on. The Creator rules all the attributes of the upper worlds, but still this world remains. This corporeal form remains, seemingly outside of the spiritual space. I can feel spiritual levels that are very different, that differ very much from each other, but the form of the corporeal world remains intact in my five senses.

This is the wonder that allows us to work on the perception of the upper force.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/19/13, Shamati #15 “What Is Other Gods in the Work”

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