We Can Only Dream About Resting

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Lately you have been advising us to “let go of the reins” and not to object to the spiritual process, “to flow with the current.” But the ego doesn’t let us do so since it constantly objects and refuses to. How pleasant and easy it would be to simply let go…

Answer: It is quite difficult since we can’t just do nothing, but rather we have to accept everything that happens in a totally open manner, gladly, and see that it comes only from the Creator, not to examine it, criticize, or assess it.

This is very complicated. Apparently there is nothing special here, just live freely and rejoice at everything. But in fact there is nothing more difficult than this. It isn’t easy to go with the flow, since in this case you need to be in absolute unity with the Creator. Absolutely! While he puts you in such circumstances in which you find yourself in states that are contradictory to Him, disagreeing with the world, with this life, with the problems that constantly trouble you! You constantly disagree! There is always something that makes you feel bad.

This is done on purpose from above. How can you accept everything calmly and flow with the current? Only by changing yourself! There is no other way! This is the problem. This is how you attain a peaceful tranquil world—when a person totally annuls himself and adheres to the Creator.

This type of rest is relative since a person advances quickly above the speed of light by going through an infinite number of changes. At any given moment he goes through billions of changes according to the upper Providence, in total acceptance, thinking logically, engaging only in what suppresses his ego and rising above it, thus entering a state of absolute rest. This is opposite from the concept of rest that we refer to today.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 7/29/13

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