The Era Of Collective Decisions

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I have doubts about collective decision-making. It is impossible to sit in a circle for hours and discuss every question. Maybe after a discussion like this one person will still make a decision? Otherwise, this will take too much time.

Answer: I think that people mostly will be engaged in discussions only in circles like these, and regarding work, it could be that they will work for an hour per day and perhaps not at all. All of their time, they will be looking for solutions about how to be like the Creator. In that, they will see that this is their main occupation, and they will get pleasure from this. In the meantime, we don’t understand how something like this is possible, but this is how it will be!

This will be the center of their life. Besides eating and the necessary care for the physical body, all the rest of a person’s business will be dedicated to this: 24 hours per day in thought and 15 hours in action. The person will be involved constantly in creating a tighter and tighter connection with others, more internal and emotional, physically or virtually, until we begin to discover that the physical body doesn’t exist at all, and this entire world will begin to be seen as imaginary.

Every decision will be accepted collectively. This is natural. From where can someone know better than others? Even now, it works like this. In large societies, hundreds of people participate in management and critical decision-making. How can one make a decision if what yesterday seemed to you as completely correct, today is simply ridiculous and vice-versa?

A person is not ready to do anything alone. If he wants to be like the Creator, how can he continue to work alone? This is no model that makes it possible to set yourself up in the right way. Therefore, today, we have no other option. The times of the talented people, the prominent politicians, the economists, the leaders have passed. The manager of today is not at all higher in any way than the others and is not ready to make the right decision. Everything is in decline. After all, we started a new development and it must be collective, integral!

So, we advise all the managers in all kinds of societies to organize and assemble groups for making decisions. This is already happening now because people intuitively feel that a decision like this is more reliable. It’s only that now they gather and argue, and each one promotes his opinion. However, gradually, they will discover from their personal experience that in this way it is impossible to reach a decision. Apparently, theoretically, everything is all right! However, in practical life, this is not okay. It doesn’t yield good results.

So, then they will listen to our advice and accept that the group must clarify issues, not through argument between them, but through self-nullification of everyone toward the center of the group to clarify the opinion from above. The Creator must be present in this, which will give them a perfected solution. Our decisions and solutions are already called integral.

For a discussion like this, there must be ten people. Therefore, in government, there are all kinds of committees; there is the assembly. Even from egoistic self-benefit, people understand that it is no longer possible to hand over the entire government to one person as to kings in the past. There must be connection, either egoistically at least or spiritually.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/2/14, Lesson on the Topic: “9 Steps”

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