One Heart Speaking To Another

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen I listen to a friend who speaks during the workshop I am incorporated in his words without any doubts or criticism. I perceive what he says as the most important opinion and want to be incorporated in it, to connect so that it actually becomes my opinion. I want his words to touch my heart and to play on it like on strings.

This is how I relate to everyone who speaks. I don’t criticize what he says in any way but simply want to be incorporated in the same thought. We open up to one another and are totally candid as we speak from heart to heart. Everyone tries to totally annul his criticism so that there will be no barrier that blocks the friends’ words and so they will directly enter my heart as if I said them myself, fully confident that it is correct.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/14/14, Workshop

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